Pramod's Transformation

The fifth in our series of posts highlighting the member transformations drawn from the Orangetheory Fitness community. If you get inspired by Pramod’s story, why not sign up for a FREE classpass and try one of our group exercise classes in Dubai. Pramod is a 45 year old who works in IT and Supply Chain Logistics in Dubai.

Pramod Transformation

When we spoke to Pramod we asked him on how he kept fit before joining Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai:

Before I joined Orangetheory Fitness, I used to go through periods of time where I would do very irregular exercise every now and then, then I would go through other periods where I would get into a fitness mode and workout more regularly before dropping out.

Pramod had read about the heart-rate based workouts that Orangetheory Fitness workouts are based on, and started hearing more and more about the effectiveness of these workouts from feedback he got from his friends in the USA.


To me, the best part of Orangetheory Fitness is the way it enables an individual to recognize his limitations and work to improve from there. Every day is a different push and every push at some point becomes a base.. this to me is the biggest takeaway; being able to work at your pace and not get bored about a monotonous routine..


Being a diabetic and dependent on 4 shots of Insulin each day, in the last year or so I have been with zero Insulin and very minimal medication and at the same time maintaining a stable sugar level.. Having never ever run before in my life, I can easily do a 5k today and this is a great feeling. Overall, I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been in all my life. I can proudly say this was possible only in the last year or so of being with Orangetheory Fitness, after battling the weight issues for so long and frustrating attempts at various things, I am mighty proud to say that Orangetheory Fitness has done wonders for my fitness goals.