Adham's Transformation

Members Transformation Stories

The fourth in our series of posts about transformations undergone by the members in our growing community at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai. If you have not tried one of our classes then you might like to download a FREE class pass by clicking here, or check out our ladies only classes here. Today we are talking to Adham, a 42 year old Commercial Director.

Adham Transformation at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai

When we were talking to Adham, we asked him how he used to train before starting at Orangetheory Fitness:

Before joining Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai I used to train two to three times a week, mostly doing High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. I felt my lifestyle was the biggest thing that was preventing me from being more active, this was compounded by the boredom I felt trying different group exercise classes, with some bad experiences at group training sessions conducted by unqualified trainers which sadly resulted in injuries a couple of times.

Adham first saw Orangetheory Fitness whilst traveling in Los Angeles, having tried it once it quickly became an addiction..


I like the diversity of each class and the fact that you can’t predict what type of training each class will be. I also like the coaches and how they manage and monitor everyone in the class and keeping everyone motivated, I feel like in these classes, you are competing with yourself and everyone around you.


Once I started Orangetheory Fitness and started eating clean, I started seeing results after only 6 weeks. I feel much healthier, lighter and fitter. The early morning sessions always put me in the best mood, after one of these sessions I feel great and ready to take on whatever the day will bring. When I first started at Orangetheory Fitness, I weighed 86kg with a body fat percentage of 27%. Today I am 74kg and 20% ody fat, I couldn’t even run on the treadmills before I joined OTF, now my base pace has increased from 7km/h to 9km/h!