Lexy's Transformation


Members Transformation Stories

In this series of posts we look at individual members who have transformed themselves at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai, the first one is Lexy, an Area Manager for a chain of restaurants in Dubai.

In Lexy’s own words, before she started training at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai:

“I was exercising pretty regularly before coming to Orangetheory Fitness, averaging around 3 or 4 times each week. Some of the activities included a lot of yoga, swimming, walking and golf, but the intensity was not there."

Lexy's Transformation.jpg

Like a lot of people who walk through our doors every day, Lexy has had a couple of injuries in the past, which made her a bit apprehensive about pushing herself to a level of exertion required to see results. When a few of her friends heard that Orangetheory Fitness was coming to Dubai from the USA, she jumped at the opportunity and has never looked back.

What do you like about Orangetheory Fitness?

“It’s always different and it is always challenging. Alternate exercises are always available no matter how broken I am on a given day.”

What changes have you seen since starting at Orangetheory Fitness?

“I have now lost 22kg of weight and have seen all the benefits that come with that sort of weight loss. Right now, I am seeing all sorts of muscles popping up that I never had before. My pain levels are more manageable and I am way more in tune with what I put in my body and how that affects my performance. Orangetheory Fitness ultimately lead to a very big lifestyle change for me.”

How has Orangetheory Fitness affected your goals for your
fitness, health and wellbeing?

“Everything has changed for me, I feel like I hold myself more accountable in everything that I do because I have become more disciplined. I have also started physio as well to rehab my past injury and to get as ‘normal’ as possible. I fully intend to keep going until I get to a place where I only need to maintain. I am definitely further along than I ever expected to be at this point.”