Miquel's Transformation

Members Transformation Stories

The second in our series of posts that look at the transformations of members of Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai, we catch up with Miquel Pancorbo, a 46 year old VP of Strategic Projects in Dubai:

Miquel transformation.jpg

In Miquel’s own words, on the exercise he used to do before starting to train at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai:

“I have been running since I was 20 years old and I had a periods of a lot of training and periods of less training. Specifically before joining OTF I lived for a year in Istanbul and I was a bit limited in terms of choice to some running, but limited and without structure."

One of the principal things that stopped Miquel from working out more often is something that we can all relate to, the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle and commuting that eats up large parts of the working day. When his wife told him about the benefits of HIIT training and why it really works, he decided to join us at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai and never looked back!


“The workouts are different every day, this is my favourite thing. Secondly, the sense of community especially after getting to know some of the regulars it becomes fun to train with them. I also like the coaches, I think they are genuine in trying to do the best possible training and they have been helpful on a daily basis in helping us to maintain the right technique”


“Ha... The biggest improvement is being able to handle my two kids of 3 and 4. So, probably power and strength. In general terms I obviously sleep better and feel far more agile.”


“OTF helped me a lot. I run further than i ever did before, being able to complete my first marathon. i can regularly run 15-20km without suffering in excess. I am now concentrating on two aspects: core and running faster. I guess that the right answer is that put me in good general condition, so now I can focus in more specific aspects of the training. And definitely I can see daily that I am in better shape than many 30’s people”

Lexy's Transformation


Members Transformation Stories

In this series of posts we look at individual members who have transformed themselves at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai, the first one is Lexy, an Area Manager for a chain of restaurants in Dubai.

In Lexy’s own words, before she started training at Orangetheory Fitness in Dubai:

“I was exercising pretty regularly before coming to Orangetheory Fitness, averaging around 3 or 4 times each week. Some of the activities included a lot of yoga, swimming, walking and golf, but the intensity was not there."

Lexy's Transformation.jpg

Like a lot of people who walk through our doors every day, Lexy has had a couple of injuries in the past, which made her a bit apprehensive about pushing herself to a level of exertion required to see results. When a few of her friends heard that Orangetheory Fitness was coming to Dubai from the USA, she jumped at the opportunity and has never looked back.

What do you like about Orangetheory Fitness?

“It’s always different and it is always challenging. Alternate exercises are always available no matter how broken I am on a given day.”

What changes have you seen since starting at Orangetheory Fitness?

“I have now lost 22kg of weight and have seen all the benefits that come with that sort of weight loss. Right now, I am seeing all sorts of muscles popping up that I never had before. My pain levels are more manageable and I am way more in tune with what I put in my body and how that affects my performance. Orangetheory Fitness ultimately lead to a very big lifestyle change for me.”

How has Orangetheory Fitness affected your goals for your
fitness, health and wellbeing?

“Everything has changed for me, I feel like I hold myself more accountable in everything that I do because I have become more disciplined. I have also started physio as well to rehab my past injury and to get as ‘normal’ as possible. I fully intend to keep going until I get to a place where I only need to maintain. I am definitely further along than I ever expected to be at this point.”


Our Secret? HIIT works & Here are 3 Reasons why!

Living in Dubai, it can be difficult to find regular times in your routine to workout. We all know that physical activity is required every day to stay healthy, in fact one study shows that maintaining a physically active lifestyle can have beneficial effects on mental and physical health well into old age. Many experts agree that 30 minutes seems to be the magic number when it comes to daily exercise or physical activity in order to help people lose weight, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could supercharge that 30 minutes or hour long exercise session so your body’s metabolism is burning more fat for a much longer period of time?

HIIT Exercise in Dubai

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, is a type of workout that involves short periods of intense exercise at max effort alternated with periods for recovery. Orangetheory’s workouts are based on the science of HIIT, which is increasingly becoming recognized as one of the best ways to lose weight all over the world.

The BBC recently covered a report in the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine which analyzed the results of 36 studies and found that participants engaged in HIIT exercise lost 28.5% more weight!

The reasons behind are thought to be two pronged, the primary reason is the greater energy expenditure after the exercise, with an impact on metabolism, with an increase in metabolic rate that is experienced well into the next day, the second is the impact on appetite, with scientists conducting the study confirming that “In our research, we have shown that appetite hormones are indeed affected.”



HIIT burns a HUGE number of calories, an average 75kg person can expect to burn up to 756 calories in one hour of HIIT based workout. Scientific research has proven that HIIT burns up to 30% more calories than other forms of cardiovascular exercises in the same time period, which means you can burn the same number of calories in 30% less time!


Scientific studies have conclusively established the positive impact of a HIIT workout on your metabolic rate for hours after your workout. We have found that your metabolic rate can remain elevated for up to 36 hours, as your body recovers from the workout, burning an increased number of calories in order to do this. Studies have found that HIIT’s impact on your metabolism is greater than either jogging or weight lifting!

Afterburn of HIIT workouts in Dubai


Your muscles ability to use oxygen is vital, developing this is often a goal in endurance training. The better your muscles are able to utilize oxygen, the slower the lactic acid build up and more stamina you have.

Traditionally, athletes would have looked to long distance running or cycling at a steady rate in order to help build up stamina and endurance, however studies have shown that HIIT workouts can have the SAME benefits in a shorter period of time!